Income Auditor / Retaj Group - Qatar

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Income Auditor / Retaj Group - Qatar

Income Auditor

Main Responsibility

  • Verifies the daily revenue.

  • Ensures that the front office system is in balance with the F&B P.O.S. system and the Telephone system to make sure that all transactions are interfaced to the front office system.

  • Verifies the credit cards balances according to the credit card vouchers.

  • Verifies the City Ledger balances by checking the folios, which closed C/L.

  • Verifies the Guest ledger balance and control it very well.

  • Verifies and balances cash sales according to the cash recorded from the system and ensures that all cash dropped to the general safe.

  • Verifies and control all paid out’s.

  • Verifies and control all tips charges.

  • Verifies the rooms’ discrepancies report and investigates the differences.

  • Checks the rate discrepancy and verifies that it has been checked and signed by the night auditor.

  • Checks the complimentary rooms and ensures that the approval is obtained by the authorization form

  • Checks room statistics to ensure valid data.

  • Prepares food Cover Report and ensures that it’s correct.

  • Visit the Restaurants and outlets for a spot check for cash and checks the open

  • checks and ensures that the

  • Void checks approved by headwaiter or chef.

  • Ensures that the sales prices are the valid prices and if there is any variation it should be done by authorization form.

  • Verifies the Tel. and Fax revenues and ensures that it’s correct

  • Verifies and ensures the Tel. Bill which received from the Telecom Co. with the revenue of Tel. and Fax revenue and ensures that there are no missing calls.

  • Verifies the Guest laundry revenue.

  • Reviews with the front office manager the high balance report of guest ledger to ensure that the credit card of guest is covering the balance.

  • Ensures that all allowances and discounts are approved and authorized.

  • Control and verifies the foreign currency exchange rate according to the bank rates.

  • Control and verifies the general cashier’s summery and ensuring that all amounts are deposited to the bank.

  • Control the over and short balance and investigate the reasons.

  • Control and verifies the service charge balance according to the revenue.

  • Preparing the hotel revenues journal entry.


  • Bachelors in Commerce 

  • 2 - 4 years experience 

  • MS Office and Oracle

  • Working with People

  • Following Instructions and Procedures

  • Achieving Personal Work Goals and Objectives

  • Acting with Integrity

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